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Name Yoming
Race Human
Gender Male
Hair Black
Professional Status
Affiliation Unknown
Personal Status
Status Deceased
First Appearance
Anime Debut Life and Death
Japanese Voice Shinichirou Miki


He has black hair that reaches the bottom of his neck, as well as a little bit of facial hair on his chin. He is shown wearing a suit with a button-up shirt.


He is caring, for example, he buys Lily bread from Karan's store and he shows concern for Karan as he consoles her when Shion goes missing. He is passionate about his cause which is to expose No.6 for what it really is.


Yoming lost his wife and child when they were taken away by No.6 officials and labelled as 'missing', but he has his suspicions about No.6 and has since been investigating it. He found out about the horrors of correctional facilities and the problem with the wasps growing inside of people.



Yoming hugs Karan

He had a wife and a child that are 'missing'.

It is hinted at that he wants a relationship with Shion's mother, Karan, when he hugs her and Karan reacts as though she knows he was hitting on her. 

He is Lily's uncle. He takes her occasionally to Karan's bakery and buys her sweets.


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