so maybe this one is about how i love action anime. cute is fine but action is what i love. i can honestly say that i don't like anime girls in either action or cute or what ever, hope that anyone that read this wont take it to any offence. but like i dont like them because their all the same; really only two kinds.

  1. the cute girl, this girl is quiet and shy. she kind and do good things even when not asked. for example i don't know her name but she's the girl with red hair on the anime called shuffle. boy does she piss me off >:( and then theirs that girl from Hakuouki. she makes me more angry than that girl from shuffle. the only reason i still watch that show is because of Saitou and Souji (the sexy's in the show.)there's nothing wrong with being nice and all but theres a limit. (to me.)
  2. the stubbon girl. th's girl never likes boys, she they do but dont show it, and is always mean to the poor guy in what ever. and this girl always have an opion about something; she also likes to hit guys and play ruff. for example the main girl in maid sama, (i think thats the name.) gosh she pissed me off in the first few episodes and the girl from speacal A, that girl kinda made me more angry than the other girl. i find nothing wrong with speaking out a bit but like i said theres a limit.

so that's to two kind of anime girls, at least to me.


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