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  • I live in united states,FL
  • I was born on October 24
  • My occupation is i adore anime and No.6 is one of them
  • I am female
  • *Bubblegum-Pop*

    Types of anime Girls

    November 19, 2012 by *Bubblegum-Pop*

    so maybe this one is about how i love action anime. cute is fine but action is what i love. i can honestly say that i don't like anime girls in either action or cute or what ever, hope that anyone that read this wont take it to any offence. but like i dont like them because their all the same; really only two kinds.

    1. the cute girl, this girl is quiet and shy. she kind and do good things even when not asked. for example i don't know her name but she's the girl with red hair on the anime called shuffle. boy does she piss me off >:( and then theirs that girl from Hakuouki. she makes me more angry than that girl from shuffle. the only reason i still watch that show is because of Saitou and Souji (the sexy's in the show.)there's nothing wrong…
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