While Sion is hard at work washing Inukashi's dogs, Nezumi sneaks into the motel without Sion noticing. He tells Inukashi that he has a job for her, but she refuses. Nezumi tells her that its fine, he won't ever see her again and that he wont help her when she needs it, no matter what. Inukashi is afraid of death and decides to hear what he wants her to do. Nezumi wants her to get infomation on the Correctional Facility, she denies that she can get infomation about the facility, but Nezumi knows there is a janitor who can smuggle out goods. He pulls out his robotic rat that projects a map of the Correctional Facility, then says that he needs Inukashi to update the new section, and get intel on their security system. Inukashi unhappily accepts the job. Inukashi asks if it has anything to do with Sion, but he tells her he doesn't need to know about what she is doing.

Back in No.6, Karan goes to the city hall to try and find Safu in the database, but there is no record of her at all. Sadly, Karan sits down at a park bench, where a suspicious old lady comes and sits down with her. The old lady can tell that something is troubling her, so she begins saying how peaceful No.6 is and how its a Utopia. Karan starts to question if No.6 really is as peaceful as it seems, but she is interupted by Yoming, who is happily running towards her, he acts as if she was waiting for him to meet her, he then takes her to his car, where he explains that she was in danger, that the old lady might have been working for the authorities, and if Karan had questioned No.6, she would have been taken to the correctional facility. Yoming then says that he has been investigating No.6 and has much to talk about.

Back at the West District, Rikiga apologizes to Sion for not being able to gather items for him to make a serum. Rikiga bursts into tears saying that he is such a nice boy, and really wants to help him, so he takes Sion to get some new clothes, but while searching he finds a familiar looking jacket... which is Safu's. Sion demands to know were the shopkeeper got it from.

Safu wakes up briefly in a strange place, where she see's two people talking about how she

The strange men Safu see's (fliped)

is the perfect "sample", their golden egg.

Inukashi goes to see Nezumi after Sion bugged her about Safu's coat that inukashi smuggled out of the correctional facility.

Back at their place, Sion has a nice dinner ready for them. After they have eaten, Sion kisses Nezumi goodnight and pretends to go to bed, but Nezumi knows that it was acually a goodbye kiss. As Sion leaves to go find Safu, Nezumi follows after him, Nezumi tells Sion that he's going the wrong way, but Sion has grown tired of being patronized all the time and just wants Nezumi to stop interfering. Nezumi punches Sion in the face because Sion looked down on him. Nezumi drops the note from Karan on Sion.

Nezumi being punched

Sion punches Nezumi for keeping the note a secret and going behind his back. Nezumi says that he was doing it to protect him but Sion says he doesn't need to be protected and that he just wants to be Nezumi's equal. Nezumi tells Sion how huge it was when he saved his life on that fateful night 4 years ago. Nezumi had given up hope until he heard Sion Screaming from his balcony. As the sun rises above the wall that divides No.6 and the west district, Nezumi tells Sion that there is something he has to show him..