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Name Shion
Kanji 紫苑 (シオン)
Birthday September 7th
Age 16
Gender Male
Height 170cm
Weight 54kg
Eyes Before Incident


After Incident
Violet (novel)
Red (manga and anime)

Hair Before Incident


After Incident

Blood Type AB
Professional Status
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relatives Karan (mother)

Unnamed father

First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Drenched rat
Japanese Voice Yūki Kaji
English Voice Greg Ayres

Shion is a main character in the manga, anime and light novel No.6.



Shion's Manga Design

When he was twelve years old, he used to wear a white shirt with a light turquoise button up sweater vest over it, light brown trousers, dark brown shoes and his No. 6 ID bracelet on his left wrist. Initially, he had brown hair and brown eyes, but these changed to white hair and red eyes violet (red in the anime and manga) due to the substance emitted from a parasitic wasp. He also developed a long, pink/reddish scar twisting around his body from his neck (just under his eye in the anime and manga) to abdomen to limbs due to the parasite. The long scar seems to have emerged from the inside of his veins. He is quite slim, but not emaciated. He wears black trousers and a red coat with a hood, underneath he wears a white collared shirt with a light turquoise sweater over it.


Shion is a kind and gentle teen, but generally naive and idealistic person. He has an amazing IQ level, proven by his acceptance into the Special Course and ability to treat and stitch up the bullet wound in Nezumi's arm (shoulder in the anime and manga) at age twelve. When he was restrained to his own bed by Nezumi, rendered motionless, he seemed fascinated rather than scared of his acquaintance's ability.

Despite his nature, if someone or something he loves is in danger, he doesn't hesitate to save them. He is not easily angered, however, he is quick to burst out in violent ways. This is seen when he becomes defensive of Nezumi, attacking and hitting Rikiga when the latter insults Nezumi. In the cave, when Nezumi struggles against Sasori, Shion snaps and wraps wire around Sasori to strangle him, only stopped after Nezumi forces him to. He has also shot and killed a guard, who had in turn gravely injured Nezumi. Shion seems to take on a different personality when he does so. This is proven when he murdered the guard, becoming shocked and frightened once he had pulled the trigger.

This darker nature is only hinted at in the anime and manga, but in the novels, it is addressed more often. Nezumi himself openly admits that he fears Shion, and Inukashi picks up on this as well. In the underground cave, Sasori calls Shion a "demon".

Though grateful for No. 6, he seems to have a slight doubt about it and the whole system, as noted by Nezumi. He is insecure about many things including his slender body and loves his mother very much. He also seems to like to daydream: but is capable of being aware of what happens in his surroundings when he does.


Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 7.47.28 PM

Twelve-year-old Shion.

Shion grew up as an elite member of the No. 6 society. He lived with his mother in an upscale home in Chronos until the age of 12 when he was stripped from his title for helping Nezumi escape. Since then, they lived in the suburbs of No. 6 also known as the Lost Town. His mother currently works as a baker, while he worked for the city until he was arrested for the suspected murder (in the anime it's for doubting the system.) He was about to be taken to a correctional facility until Nezumi rescued him and forced him out of the city.

Not too long after he began staying with Nezumi, Shion developed the warning signs of being infected by a parasite that had begun plaguing No. 6. He managed to survive because Nezumi extracted the parasite just in time; the infection did, however, leave permanent scars and other changes on his body. Since he made it out of the full effects of the infection, Shion believes that he can warn and help cure the city of it.


Powers & Abilities Edit

Intellect: Shion is academically brilliant, and comes to understand the process of Eluyrias' wasps easily due to his main studies of ecology. When he was two, he was accepted into No. 6's elite, and, if not for helping Nezumi when he was twelve, would have been sent out of No. 6 to further his studies.



Shion kisses Nezumi, a"Good night kiss", though it was a "Goodbye kiss."

Nezumi: Shion and Nezumi first met on the stormy night of Shion's 12th birthday when he left his bedroom window open and Nezumi appeared. Shion knew Nezumi was different from other citizens of the No. 6 city because of his grey eyes and that he didn't possess an ID. He also learned from watching the TV that Nezumi was a fugitive and he had escaped from some labor correction camp. Even though Shion knew that he would be in trouble if he was found allowing a person with a VC stay in his home, he still let Nezumi stay the night and took care of his bullet wound. Nezumi soon disappeared the following morning.


Nezumi being punched

Four years later, while saying goodbye to Safu, Shion spotted a rat, which was unusual in the city. The rat crawled up on his shoulder and spoke with Nezumi's voice. When Shion turned around, he thought he saw Nezumi's silhouette in the crowd and ran after the rat. Later, when Shion was being transported to the 'Bureau of Public Security', he was rescued by Nezumi and they reunite. Nezumi brings him to a place outside of No. 6 called the "West Block".
Nezumi and Shion dance

Nezumi and Shion Dancing

Shion and Nezumi have a close relationship, and only became closer over time. When Nezumi is threatened Shion becomes unstable and is more than willing to risk his life, or the life of another, to protect him. They happen to get in numerous arguments(some of which turn to physical violence), due to Nezumi's harshly honest and confrontational personality, but the tension quickly dissolves soon after.

It is also expressed on numerous occasions in the manga, anime, and novels, by both Shion and Nezumi, that there are some definite feelings between the two which are romantic. At one specific point in the original novels by Atsuko Asano, Shion expresses his fear of losing Nezumi, and tells him how much he means to him. Nezumi evidently views this speech of his as a "straightforward confession of love", and admits to himself he returns the feelings. It is revealed that Nezumi, however, has a certain secret fear of Shion. He is afraid of the way he has been captured by Shion, and how unpredictable Shion can be. He refers to Shion, along with other emotional baggage, as "the shackles around his ankles". Their relationship is complex, and throughout the novel series, Shion notes that he doesn't know exactly what to call their relationship. However, it is safe to assume that he and Nezumi have a very deep connection that could be called "love" if one were to label it, and each would give his life for the other.

After the destruction of No. 6, Nezumi and Shion going to go different ways. Shion is deeply depressed because of this, expressing his wishes to stay with Nezumi(and even asking to leave with him), however Nezumi says that this cannot happen. Nezumi refers to himself as a wanderer and Shion as one who remains, so he leaves Shion. It is unclear whether or not they meet again, but in the novels we get as far as three years in the future, with no sign of Nezumi having personal intentions of returning, despite his promise of reunion to Shion. Shion on the other hand, is seen to have taken Nezumi's leave harshly, as his mother points out he has lost quite a bit of weight and never seems to smile much anymore. It is clear he is still anxously awaiting Nezumi's return in various other ways, as well(including opening his office window and mentally asking for Nezumi to come home).

Safu: Shion and Safu have been best friends since childhood. Safu is incredibly important to Shion, and on multiple occasions later in the series Shion has referred to her as his "very precious friend". They went to the same school until Shion was disqualified. On Shion's 12th birthday, Safu made him a cake and her grandmother knitted him a sweater similar to Safu's.

Four years later, Shion learns that Safu was continuing her education in another city called No. 5. They have a meal together and, before she leaves to go home, she attempts to confess her love for him, but only manages an awkward request for sex. Shion gently tells her he has only ever seen her as a friend, and he suggests that maybe when she comes back in two years time that he may feel differently about her offer. 

Later on, after learning of her inprisonment, Shion sprials into an emotional plan to rescue her by himself, before being stopped by Nezumi. In the novels, when he finally reaches her in the correctional facility(where "Safu" is actually just a mirage being showed by Eluyrias), she tells him she is happy with seeing him one final time, and that she is thankful Nezumi taught him what it felt like to love, to love someone as she loved Shion. Shion breaks down and begins to deny the fact she is dead, and has to be quite literally dragged away by Nezumi. 


  • His name comes from a wild flower (specifically, the aster). His mother gave him that name due to the fact that she likes to pick wild flowers.
  • Shion's ID number is Qw-55142 after he loses his Gifted Curriculum status.
  • Shion does not like celery.

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