I would be very happy if you take care of my injuries when I'm hurt

Can I please have the courage to stand these days?

Your feelings are beyond my control, today and forever

It's cold, so cold to be alone

I can not remember where I am

I have only one wish, that this night would never end

This is to get bright light in the sky without stars

Even the things I miss are distance and can not return

Shedding light on my future, and be born again with you

Lyrics (Romaji and Translation-ver. 2*-)
Based on Doki fansubs, No.6 ep 1

Kizutsuita toki wa
When I'm hurt

Sotto tsutsumikondekuretara ureshii
Just gently hold me in your arms

Koronde tatenai toki wa
And if I've fallen and I can't get up

Sukoshi no yuuki wo kudasai
Please give me a bit of your courage

Omoi wa zutto todokanai mama
My thoughts are never heard

Kyou mou tsumetai machi de hitori
Wandering alone through this cold city

Koko ga dokokana? Omoidasenai
Just where am I? I can't quite remember

Owaranai yoru ni, negai wa hitotsu
In the endless night, I have but one wish

Hoshi no nai sora ni kagayaku hikari wo
That shining light in the starless sky

Modorenai basho ni suteta mono de sae
All the things I left behind in places I can never return

Umarekawatte ashita wa kitto terashitekureru
If I can just be reborn, then surely, tomorrow will be shining

  • Translations may vary so there's more than 1 translation.

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