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'Inukashi'/Dog Keeper
Name 'Inukashi'/Dog Keeper
Kanji 犬の貸手
Race Human
Gender Ambiguous
Height 145cm
Weight 38 kg
Eyes Brown
Hair Dark Brown
Blood Type Type O
Professional Status
Affiliation Unknown
Occupation Hotel Owner/Dog Lender
Personal Status
Status Alive
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 6
Anime Debut Life and Death
Japanese Voice Shindou Kei
English Voice Luci Christian
Inukashi, whose true name is unknown, is stated to be male. However, "he" seems to show the characteristics of a female. Inukashi means 'dog lender' in Japanese, because he loans out dogs. He lives in a hotel, where he rents rooms and dogs to homeless people for warmth. The dogs see Inukashi as their leader and listen to his every command.

Appearance Edit

Inukashi is short, with a slender frame and long dark hair, tan skin, and dark brown eyes. He dresses (most likely due to limited resources) in old, worn clothes - a low-cut, long sleeved button up blouse of faded maroon, and old blue pants that are ripped at the hems.He wears a grey belt and tan, strapped sandles. Inukashi is presented as a ragged young boy; however, throughout the series, there are several hints that 'Dog Keeper' is in fact a girl. Despite this, Inukashi's gender is, for the most part, left up to the viewer to decide.

Personality Edit

Inukashi is an independant person who views humans as despicable. He is quick tempered and speaks his mind very bluntly. He has a rash way of speaking and Rikiga considers him a brat. He is very cocky and self aware, but has a kinder side. Inukashi loves his dogs and constantly speaks about how they're better and kinder than humans. He thinks Shion is is a huge oddball-not only because of his looks-but offers him a job. As the series goes on Inukashi, finds himself wondering if he's gotten too attached. It has been implied that Inukashi is younger than Shion and Nezumi, but he seems to dabble in more dangerous things than they do in order to provide for his dogs.  Overall, Inukashi is very tough. Rikiga even says in the novel that Inukashi may be tougher than Nezumi in the long run, remarking, "Maybe I should watch out more for the dog than the fox."

He is very cunning and wary of the world around him, and has a great understanding of the world they live in. Inukashi has a deep fear of suffering, pain and death, and despite being so closed off and secretive, is open about this fact. Nezumi often uses this to manipulate him. Inukashi doesn't understand caring for other living beings besides their dogs until the end of the series when Shion saves a baby and entrusts it to him. Inukashi also cares for Shion, and on some level even Nezumi. When Shion and Nezumi are inside the correctional facility, it is shown in the novels that Inukashi can't help but wish for their return, despite their knowledge that Shion and Nezumi most likely perished.  

History Edit

Inukashi was abandoned in West Block as a baby, and an old man with numerous dogs took him in. He was raised primarily by a female dog, who Inukashi refers to as his mother. The old man that took him in disappeared one day, and Inukashi was left alone to be raised by dogs. Along with the environment in West Block, this caused his disdain towards other humans and their selfish, independant personalities. As he grew up, he found multiple ways to earn money. Inukashi lives in a rundown hotel and rents out dogs to people who need warmth and a place to stay for the night. Inukashi and his dogs are information gatherers, and he sells the information to people, like Nezumi, for profit. He also gets shipments of smuggled food, clothes, and other materials from a garbage sorter from the Correctional Facility.


Inukashi is an information gatherer that sells the things he hears to people who can pay, Nezumi included. Nezumi uses and manipulates Inukashi to gather information about various things, including the Correctional Facility. Inukashi gives Shion a job in washing their dogs, and at times wonders if he's gotten too involved with the two. After The Hunt, he takes care of a baby that Shion wrapped to one of his dogs. Inukashi, along with Rikiga, helps Shion and Nezumi sneak into the Correctional Facility. The two wait (im)patiently for them to get out. When they've discovered Shion has died, they leave to save themselves from the facility blowing up.

Powers & Abilities Edit

Inukashi is able to assess people very well, seeing subtle changes in emotions. He can also synchronize his mood with the dogs around him. He can use his dogs to assault others. One of his most prominent abilities is his ability to gather information, as he has various sources to gain intelligence from. Inukashi has a fairly acute sense of smell, as a result of being raised by dogs.


Inukashi was raised by a dog (now deceased) that he calls his mother. There is another dog (also deceased) that was the brother of his mother, which Shion calls Inukashi's uncle.


Inukashi has a deep hatred for Nezumi, and speaks ill of him constantly. Their relationship, before Shion arrives in West Block, is strictly business. Despite their dislike of each other, they have their uses for each other, which keeps their relationship going. Inukashi doesn't like it, but he's glad when Nezumi is willing to sing for their dogs when they're dying. When they asked about the Correctional Facility, Nezumi also promised to sing Inukashi's soul away if he was to die.


Inukashi thought Shion was very strange, in both personality and looks. At first he was very wary and just treated him as Nezumi's pet, but later he develops a soft spot for Shion. He, like Rikiga, gives Shion a much friendlier treatment than he gives Nezumi, even before they start to get to know each other better. Inukashi also offered Shion a job to wash his dogs for him.


Inukashi and Rikiga have a disdain for each other. Even though they work together later in the series, it's begrudgingly. Rikiga calls Inukashi a brat, and he calls Rikiga an old man. He has a great dislike of Rikiga's alcoholic tendencies, and constantly makes remarks about the smell.


In the novels, Gestsuyaku is Inukashi's business partner. He is a citizen of No. 6 who takes care of the trash produced by the Correctional Facility. In exchange for money, he takes out all the leftover food and articles of clothing from the trash and gives it to Inukashi, who sells it to the food and clothing stalls. Later in the books, Inukshi pays Getsuyaku to mess around with the cleaning robots to make them spew trash around. He is also paid to put tiny capsules into the robots, which release a horrid smell that affects many of the workers in the correctional facility.


Inukashi's name means Dog Keeper and he got the name from his trade.

There are several instances where it is implied that Inukashi is designated female at birth, but there's an art piece that shows most of the main characters in suit: whereas Safu wears a skirt, Inukashi wears a suit like every other male, which could possibly be hinting that he identifies as a boy. His gender, however, is left deliberately ambiguous, and Inukashi himself doesn't seem to care.

In an episode near the end of the series, when Inukashi is used as bait for the No. 6 supervisor, Rikiga says, "even a boy can feel like a girl." Also, in the same episode, Shion grabs Inukashi's shoulder and says, "You're a-", but cuts short, pushing further the confusion.


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