Safu has returned to No.6 because of her Gandmothers' death. On her way to the Twilight house she meets and old lady who says to Safu that 'it feels like a wind follows you'. Safu see's her grandmother and starts to cry, she is left with some of her grandmothers possesions, her glasses and her shawl. While sitting on a bench in the Twilight houses garden, she wonders if her grandmother really was happy there. Cluching the shawl Safu relises that it doesn't smell like anything, she begins to notice that some thing strange is going on in No.6. Wanting answers, she trys to call Sion, but finds out he is suspected for murder and cannot be reached. Convinsed that Sion would never kill someone, she goes to see his mother Karan.

Karan explains what she knows has happened to Sion, Safu confesses that she is deeply in love with him and is going to do what ever it takes to find him. Safu runs off to look for him, but is stopped by a man from the Bureau of Public Security. Karan follows after Safu to give back her scarf, but Safu is being abducted by the man.

Back at the West District, Sion, Nezumi and Rikiga are called out to help Inukashi bury one of her dogs, but in the end Sion is the one who does it all.

Once again Sion and Nezumi begin fighting over what should happen to No.6, Sion wants to help them but Nezumi wants to destroy it, they part their ways for the time. One of Nezumi's rats brings a message from Karan asking them to help Safu, Nezumi is reluctent to tell Sion about it because he knows that he would risk his life to save her.