Faced with the desision to either stay friends with Nezumi or tell No.6 about the Bee, Sion finds himself running after Nezumi. They end up at Rikiga's place, a well off man compared to many others. He recognises Nezumi from one of his performances and states that he is a big fan.

Nezumi asks Rikiga if he knows Sion's mother, Karan. In tears, he tells the two of how he knows Karan. He says that he asked her out when they were younger but was turned down.


Karan and Rikiga

Rikiga goes on saying how he was investigating No. 6, and that he thought there was always something fishy going on there, but he has since quit.

Aggravated, Rikiga states that he thinks Nezumi would make a good whore. Angry, Sion launches himself on Rikiga and starts strangling him; Sion demands that he apologize because he is insulting Nezumi. Nezumi pulls him off before Sion kills him. The two turn to leave, but Nezumi sees a picture on the floor and he recognises one of the men.

Back at their place Sion says that he wants to know more about Nezumi. A dog appears at the door with a note, saying that they have to go to work for the dog keeper Inukashi. Sion has to clean dogs for the dog keeper; he asks her about Nezumi and but she doesn't know much about him, she then starts talking about how she was raised by a dog. Nezumi then appears to see if Sion is making use of himself, but becomes aggravated by Sion and leaves.

At night, Inukashi finds Nezumi to take revenge on him, but Nezumi is distracted and is easy prey. Her dogs attack Nezumi but he manages to get her on the ground with his knife. Sion comes looking for Nezumi and he becomes distracted. Inukashi uses the distraction to make an escape, but tells Nezumi that Sion is going to drag him down.

On their way back they hear the Moon Drop whistling, and Sion desides he is going to stay with Nezumi because he finds himself attached to him.