The cover to the no. 6 manga volume 6.

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The chapter starts out with Shion choking Nezumi's attacker. Nezumi pushes him aside, noticing how much Shion has changed. When asked why he attacked the man, Shion explains that it was "his punishment." He tried to kill Nezumi, and so he needed to be punished by death. A voice from an unknown character allows them to pass through the tunnel, and as they're going to take off, Nezumi tells Shion to "fight himself."

As Shion runs through the passage way, his mother Karan recovers from previously fainting. She receives a message from Nezumi with the words "You'll see him again." Though she was worried before, the message reassures her that Shion is not alone and he will be okay.

While this is happening, Rikiga pays a visit to Inukashi. He explains to her that he is worried about Shion and that they need to come together to help them. At first Inukashi refuses but is soon won over by Rikiga and her feelings toward Shion. She agrees to help and questions Rikiga's intentions. She claims that while he does care about Shion, that is not reason enough to risk their lives. Giving in, Rikiga tells Inukashi about a rumored vault under the correctional facility filled with gold coins.

The chapter ends with Shion and Nezumi reaching the end of the tunnel, which opens up to a large space filled with people.

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