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Chapter 1 is the first chapter of Atsuko Asano's No.6.


The chapter begins with young Nezumi walking in a dark cave, holding his wounded shoulder.

Then, the city of No. 6 is introduced, and Shion is at school with his fellow students, pledging his loyalty to the Holy City of No. 6. Afterwards, the teacher announces that Shion will be going to the advanced ecology course, and a two of Shion's fellow students tease him for it. Safu backs him up, and when the students turn to pick on Safu’s sweater, Shion kindly compliments her, saying it “gives him a warm feeling”.

The scene changes to Chronos, the residential district of the elites, during a storm on September seventh, Shion's birthday. Shion talks about his life as an elite, then he opens the window to stand in the storm. Being outside in the wind and rain gives Shion a strong desire to break and destroy - break and destroy what, he doesn't know - so he screams to let his frustration out. The Environment Control System in Shion's room notifies Shion it will auto-lock the room in a few seconds, and Shion returns inside to switch it off. When he turns around again, he sees Nezumi, bleeding, and rushes to help him, but Nezumi responds by grabbing him by the neck. Shion comments about Nezumi’s unique eye color.

Shion tells Nezumi he will treat his wounds, but before Nezumi releases him completely, Karan calls Shion's room, asking him to close his window and come down for dinner. When Shion doesn't turn him in, Nezumi releases Shion, who begins to treat his wounds. He's surprised to find that Nezumi has been shot, claiming that nobody in No. 6 would shoot another person.

Shion treats Nezumi’s wound and the two introduce themselves; then Shion gives Nezumi new clothes and leaves the room. Downstairs in the kitchen, he sees a news article in which Nezumi is shown as a fugitive criminal, and Shion wonders how, exactly, Nezumi managed to sneak into the city from the West Block.

Shion tells Nezumi it's impossible for him to escape, but Nezumi replies that the city is full of holes and its perfection is a lie. Shion claims he never thought the city was ideal; Nezumi tells him he's weird and points out the troubles Shion might get into for helping him.

Nezumi proceeds to tease Shion, and when Shion angrily tries to grab him Nezumi pins him to the bed. Nezumi puts the spoon he was holding to Shion's throat, telling him that if it was a knife he would be dead. Instead of fearing Nezumi, Shion is amazed by his skills, and Nezumi falls on top of him, saying once again how weird he is.


Four years later, Shion is working in Forest Park Administration Office, maintaining the robots that clean the park, with Yamase-san. When they notice Unit 3 is acting weird, Shion and Yamase find a body in the park. While Yamase calls to report the death to the Public Security Bureau Shion notes that although the man was dead for no more than a few minutes, rigor mortis had already set in.

Next, Shion tells Safu the story of the death and Safu tells him it's impossible. Then she asks why he didn't go to the advanced program all of these years ago, and Shion has a flashback about his interrogation by Rashi and subsequent loss of elite privileges.

Shion thinks about how he moved to Lost Town and how Safu was the only friend who stayed in touch with him after that happened. He also notes how he would choose to help Nezumi again,  in spite of the consequences. Safu then tells him the news that she’s going abroad to study and that before she goes she would like to have his sperm.

Shion is shocked, but then Safu reveals that what she really wants is the sex, and Shion is only more surprised by her request. Yet he promises he'll think about it and give her his answer when she comes back from her two years abroad. As Safu turns to leave, a rat appears on Shion's shoulder, and Nezumi's voice tell him he's “still a nutcase”. Shion runs to look for Nezumi, but is unsuccessful and eventually returns home. Safu calls him to say her farewells and tell him she loves him.

The next day Shion goes to work again. Yamase tells him the body they had found belonged to a man of age 31, and Shion doubts the Security Bureau for manipulating information because the they refuse to let the man's wife see the body. Yamase is horrified by Shion's protest, but then he collapses. Yamase seems to grow old in mere seconds, then he falls down completely, and Shion forces himself to make as many observations about the body as possible. Then, a bee emerges from Yamase's neck.

Memorable Quotes Edit

  • “His eyes… they’re gray? I've never seen that color before.” (Shion about Nezumi)
  • “There are those who hunt and those who are hunted.” (Nezumi to Shion)
  • “This phony town is full of holes, but they've managed to fool you all into thinking it’s the ideal city.” (Nezumi to Shion)
  • “Living people are so warm” (Nezumi to Shion)