As snow falls across No.6, we see a lady who dislikes her job at the Twilight House, after a long day at work, she is on her way home when suddenly she becomes old and is killed by the deadly bee.

In No.5, it is the new year and Safu seems to be fitting in well enough, as she has two new friends, Ann and Betty. In her new classes she resites a poem she wrote in the winter holidays that just past. Her Poem- I watch the world. The sun shines. Stars twinkle. Plants grown. Animals feel. And humans have souls. I watch the soul. The soul can hear the voice of god. Taste its sweet fragrance. Savor its words. Touch its outstreached fingertips. I watch the world. I watch the soul. I realize that the light guides my footsteps.

On campus, safu finds her friend Ann making out with a guy named Roy, they both become embarrassed and Ann begs her not to tell anyone.

Back at Sion and Nezumi's place, Sion is reading to two kids called Karan and Rico, Nezumi tells Sion that acts of kindness don't go far were they are, But Sion saw that Little Karan was wearing the sweater that he gave Nezumi when he first met him. Nezumi becomes iritated and leaves to do some work, but Sion ends up working for Inukashi, washing her dogs.

Once again Sion is asking Inukashi about Nezumi, but she doesn't have the answers for him. Rikiga suddenly appears to ask Inukashi some questions, but becomes utterly terrified of the little rat Cravat.

After calming down a bit Rikiga asks if she knows anything about the strangness of the bee's killing people, Sion explains whats going on with them. After finding out more infomation about the bee's striking in the

Nezumi as Eve

winter time in No.6, Sion rushes to find Nezumi at one of his preformances of Hamlet. Sion finds Nezumi playing a lady and is amazed! Nezumi sees Sion watching in the distance and loses consentration for a second. A gust of wind blows past Nezumi and Safu, then a lady starts to sing. The song in his head makes him uneasy and he passes out.

Nezumi is surrounded by tall grass, and a voice calls out to him. A swarm of bees start flying above him, and he starts sinking in a black liquid but as his younger self. As he sinks he calls for help and in his last breath. He calls out to Sion, whose hand appears and grabs him. Nezumi wakes up back at their place, Sion is very worried, but Nezumi insists that he's fine, he begins to dance with Sion to prove it.

When Safu wakes up she finds out that she has to go back to No.6 because something bad has happened...