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• 7/27/2018

Welcome to the No. 6 Wiki!

After a period with sparse activity, and no admins I hereby invite any and all people to come take part in making this amazing established wiki even greater! There are plenty of projects to go around, and articles and content to be added. The novels and manga chapters themselves are a pristine opportunity for someone’s handy work, episode summaries are also up for grabs.
One expansion that could definitely make the site nicer is to create gallery sections on pages to provide a glimpse of the incredible anime, manga and other examples of everything that No. 6 brings.

A significant update to the site is the inclusion of this “Discuss” section, which is perfect for keeping all users discussion topics in an easy to navigate area, and keeps content spoiler contained. It’s also better for Community Apps and phone viewings; you can up vote discussions you like and share them as well, in addition to other cool features.

Another inclusion is the implementation of the badge achievement section! Makes sense to embrace every feature on here, plus No. 6’s very own style badges! Let’s encourage large and constructive edits at a time if people would like to collect them, whichever works best for expanding and improving the site further.

Give me all your messages and requests and we’ll make some great progress happen! Feel free to take part however you can to improve the site more so, thank you for all your edits and input no matter how small or large. Have some information you want to add? The edit buttons patiently waiting to be clicked. Seen a page with some spelling errors? Correct them! Found some nice official images or great quality shots from No. 6 related content? Add them! Happy editing!
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• 11/26/2018

I love No.6. But I have not been able to watch the full episodes on youtube.What should I type to get the full episodes.Also I ship Nezumi and shion. In the manga it is made canon many times. Do you agree with nezumi x shion?

• 11/26/2018

Hey there! Same here in fact this wiki aims to support No.6 by building upon the information. Luckily, the Blu-ray and DVDs can be bought online like on Amazon which is another great way to support this amazing series!

That's a nice image you provided as well, if you would like you could include it in some way on the wiki itself, just left a message on your wall : )

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